Gbolahan founded Closeview in 2012 and has had various experiences since, enabling him to gain an abundance of knowledge of the sports industry and learn the best support mechanisms for athletes. Having been a sportsman himself in his early years, he later made the transition to higher education, stepping into the sports management industry after university was organic. Over the years, Gbolahan has had great success in the the industry from rejuvenating careers of the undirected and misguided, also capitalising on opportunities for the most promising talent.

Gbolahan strives to keep himself in a position where he is as equally responsible for the growth and drive of the Closeview's clients needs in order for them to reach the pinnacle of their careers. Guiding them through the various life decisions they all face day to day. Currently representing players across Europe, Gbolahan has already taken the journey with some of Europe's best talent from a significant stage of youth development to the most elite level of sports.